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My name is Matthew Bernier and I’m the owner of BnB My Place. As a renter, homeowner, traveler, and Airbnb Superhost, I have been through it all. What I’ve discovered is this: Quality renters in Tucson are hard to find. In addition to this, there is only so much you can reasonably charge for rent, while still making a small profit. Unfortunately, that amount is never enough and all that residual income you dreamed of ends up paying pennies on the dollar. I’m here with BnB My Place to help change that. Read on to learn more!

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Tucson Short Term Rental Property Alternatives

If you have property in Tucson that you own and are currently renting it out, you are missing out on a much larger opportunity! With BnB My Place, I’ll help you maximize your income without dealing with the stress of renters.

How do I do that you ask?

Simple. Instead of renting your property in the traditional sense, I find temporary home-dwellers that are travelling and looking for hotel-alternatives and short-term rentals.

Not only that, but my team takes care of every detail including getting the property in BnB-ready condition, managing reservations, cleaning, and service scheduling. 

This leaves you with a property that makes you more money, while taking up less of your time.

No Stress Airbnb Management & Concierge

Sit back and relax. No need to stress about managing yet another thing. When you partner with us, we’ll turn your short term rental into the ultimate BnB experience. Our team will take care of all the details including professional cleaning, preparation, guest-accommodations, managing bookings, and keeping calendars up to date. Through it all, we promise to provide a 5-star experience for every guest. 

Even better, Airbnb’s $1 million dollar property-damage guarantee means your “ass”ets are covered.

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Choose your plan

Ready to take a break with our completely hands-off approach? No minimum term. No up-front fees. All listings come with $1 million in liability coverage when booked through Airbnb.


10% of nightly rate*
  • Managed Online Airbnb Superhost Listing
  • Listing Creation**, Optimization & Management
  • Seasonal Price Optimization
  • Local/State Tax Collection and Remittal**
  • 24/7 Chat Concierge


30% of nightly rate*
  • Basic +
  • Includes VRBO & Expedia Channels**
  • Digital Home Guide Book
  • Nightly Price Optimization
  • Laundry, Linen & Cleaning Scheduling†
  • Restocking of Essential Supplies†
  • 24/7 Chat Concierge

*Additional premium of 10% for all co-host arrangements.

† Laundry, Linen, and Cleaning charges are separate and will be passed along to guest at time of booking.

† Re-Stocking of basic supplies only is captured as part of the guest cleaning fee.

Guest Damage Protection

Want more peace of mind? Here is something we think you’ll like.

  • Optional Damage Protection $1,500 $50/stay

    Covers accidents, damage & repairs up to $1,500. Fee is paid by guest for duration of stay.


Our management fee is taken from the nightly rental rate paid by the guest. For example, a nightly rental rate of $225 would equal a total Gross amount (accommodation fee, cleaning fees, and other fees) of $365. Our Preferred management fee would be 30% of the $225 amount, for a total cost of $38.25, with the homeowner payout being $175.80.

Because our management fee is based on the nightly rental rate, with us you don’t get double-charged for fees on top of fees. 

Most management companies charge based on the Gross amount, which includes the nightly rate, booking fee, cleaning fee, and other guest fees.  

This is not the total you earned, but it is what each platform calculates before accounting for fees that are deducted from those earnings. So while it may seem like another company is charging a lower fee, it helps to do a side by side comparison.

For companies that use the Gross amount to calculate their management fee, the fee on a $225 nightly rental + cleaning costs would end up being $109.50 and the homeowner would only get to pocket $104.55. Whereas with us, you’d receive $175.80, with our fee being just $38.25 for the same booking.

As you can see, by double-dipping and charging a management fee on top of the fees being charged from your gross earnings, other companies leave you with the short end of the stick.

We want you to have the long end of the stick, which is why we only ever charge our fee based on the nightly rental rate.

Unfortunately not. When it comes to real estate and short term rentals, typical GL and umbrella policies don’t extend to allow the same protection for different owners. As a result, you’ll need an individual policy for the property you’ll be listing with us. If your current homeowners policy does not exclusively cover short-term rentals without limit, we recommend taking a look at a full policy replacement through Proper Insurance.

Our Basic plan is available to any U.S. based properties. If you would like to use our full-service Preferred management, right now this service is limited to Tucson, AZ. Outside of Tucson, AZ and looking for full-service management? Send us a message and we’ll gladly make an introduction.

If you are running a multi-unit building and interested in listing more than one property with us, then reach out and let us know! We are always happy to explore how we can help out while keeping the management fee as affordable as possible.

We are exclusively a short-term, vacation rental management company. While we offer services such as coordinating and scheduling necessary repairs, ultimately, the property is the homeowners responsibility. Think of us as super-duper hosts that are here to ensure your guests have a positive experience year-round, and that you have one less thing to worry about.

First, after filling out the form below, we’ll set up a phone call to go over any specifics and learn more about each other to see if we are a good fit. Once you are ready to sign, it will likely take around 3-4 weeks to get your property BnB-ready and fully listed (including photography).

Not in a rush? We are happy to move at a pace that is comfortable for you!

Sometimes it just makes sense to keep a listing under your name, especially if you’ve gathered a lot of guest reviews and already have your listing operating with decent figures. In this case, we offer a modified version of our Basic or Preferred plan with a 10% co-host premium. You get to own the listing and all of the guest reviews stay with you, even if we part ways.

Our Preferred management plan includes scheduling and coordinating of all necessary repairs, maintenance, or service contractors needing to complete work in/on/around your property. Owners are ultimately responsible for the paying their fees, but we take the responsibility out of your hands and ensure the job gets done correctly without interfering with any guest stays.

While we would love to cover every possible service involved in owning a short term rental property, some things are just not feasible. Since we are not a property management company, we don’t manage the premises, or building upkeep, outside of emergencies or scheduled work. We don’t cover things like regular pool/hot tub maintenance, landscaping, gardening, home inspection, etc. For things like these, you will need a dedicated service company. However, while we don’t do the work ourselves, we still include the scheduling and coordinating of companies to ensure minimal impact to the guest experience.

When hosting a property on any channel manager such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, etc, there are channel host fees. They vary between 2-10% of the gross booking totals and are collected by the respective channels before we are paid out. These channel fees will be visible on monthly payouts, but we have no control over the rate charged, since it varies by channel and can change at any time. Of course, we do everything possible to optimize the listing and pricing across each platform to account for these fees and net you the best possible returns.

Let's Get Started

Ready to get started? So are we!

The first step is to get in touch so we can see if we are the right fit for each other. We’ll ask you some questions and answer all of yours before deciding if it’s something that could work!

Curious how much your home could earn as a short-term rental? Try this Airbnb Earnings Calculator for free to analyze revenue potential, operating income, cap rate, and more!

Real guest reviews

What our guests say

Quiet neighborhood, comfortable sleeping arrangements, clean, conveniently located and the host Matthew has amazing communication throughout!
Stayed on July 2021
Matthew was WONDERFUL at communicating with us and very flexible and responsive when we needed to add days to the stay multiple times. We would DEFINITELY recommend this home to others!
Stayed on July 2021
  •   We enjoyed staying here. In particular, the host was extremely considerate and placed small notes and user manuals everywhere throughout... read more

    thumb Gang

      This house is perfect, it has everything you need.

    thumb Mario

      Great place to stay and central location was handy.

    thumb Paul
  •   This place looks like the photos. It's beautiful, and clean. Easy communication with hosts. It's a perfect place for a... read more

    thumb Robert

      Host Matthew is very nice. Easy to communicate with. Prompt in returning emails, text etc.The house is so warm and... read more

    thumb Marci

      We loved the house! The backyard and swing really made our family trip. The beds were comfortable and the kitchen... read more

    thumb Hannah

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As a Superhost, Airbnb recognizes us for going above and beyond while providing extraordinary experiences for our guests.
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